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1. How to Add Content It is easy to add Wiki Pages, Maps, and Locations to this wiki.
2. View API Documentation This page documents the view methods.
3. HTML Content Types Here we demonstrate the different content types for web developers.
4. Iodide Notebooks Here is a collection of Iodide Notebooks. Iodide is like Jupyter Notebooks, except the Kernel runs in the browser, there is no ocmpute server needed, so a single NGINX file server can support thousands of users. Iodide includes Pyodide, 32 Data Science Python libraries compiled to WASM and running in the browser. While Iodide is quite young, the source code is provide, and Mozilla provides great support on their github page.
5. Comparison of Wikis A guide to choosing a wiki

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1. Training Pyodide and Pug Trainng Materials
2. Contact How to contact someody

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1. The Forest Wiki
2. Documentation Learn more about the documentation.